Addiction comes in many forms and is a common issue. An addiction is when a person does an activity, or uses a substance, that they find so pleasurable that they cannot stop doing or using it. It is important for people to be aware of the different types of addictions so that caution can be exhibited around these substances and situations.

Drugs and Alcohol

Being addicted to a mind-altering substance is very unpleasant, scary, and sometimes deadly. People must enter a rehabilitation center to receive medication and counseling, in order to safely detoxify from these substances. Usually, when a person is addicted to a certain substance, they are susceptible to having addictions to other substances. In addition, most drugs are illegal and carry legal repercussions.

Gambling and Shopping

Casinos and shopping malls are enticing because they seem innocent-enough. This is because winning, or taking home a possession, induces excitement and pleasure that leads to continuing the behavior, sometimes to immeasurable lengths. For instance, the gambler or shopping addict may spend all of their money and go into debt, even if they have a family to care for. Reaching rock-bottom with a gambling or shopping addiction could lead to homelessness.


Some people want to please others in order to feel love in return. Even though sex is a physical act, it satisfies the need for love and attention that those with sexual addictions crave. Some sex addicts change partners often in order to feel the excitement experienced from a first-time encounter. At rock-bottom, sex addicts may end up loveless or with sexually transmitted diseases.


People that are obsessed with having a perfect body may develop an addiction to exercise. The exercise addict must work out daily – often for hours at a time – to strive for excellence in performance and physique. They also get addicted to the “high” experienced from the endorphins released through exercise. An exercise addict must work out to the extreme in order to feel good about him- or herself.

Often, the mental anguish an addict experiences, when they need to fulfill the needs of the addiction, is the worst part of having an addiction. For some, it is torturous to have to continue a behavior that is harming them and others in some way. In other cases, the addict does not even realize they have a problem. Because anything pleasurable can become an addiction, it is important to be sensible and practice moderation in order to live a life free of addictions.

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