Addiction comes in many different forms, and while some people are addicted to physical things, others can be addicted to emotional or other types of stimulation. When most people think of addiction, drugs, alcohol, or maybe even cigarettes come to mind, but addiction can take hold of many different people in many different ways.
Some people can be addicted to other people or the way other people make them feel, causing them to stay in relationships that aren’t necessarily beneficial to them. Some people are addicted to money and it will cause them to do anything to get it. The most commonly recognized and seriously treated addictions usually come in the forms of drugs and alcohol, but people shouldn’t be so quick to think these addictions are the worst.
Addictions cause people to harm themselves and people around them in many ways just to fulfill their needs and when addiction is viewed in this light, things are entirely black and white.
No addiction can be treated any less than another one because they all skew the importance of something in a persons life and addictions are usually there to fill a gap or deficit of some kind.
Addictions also stifle personal progress. Addictions are cycle based and progress is not a circular motion. When someone is dependent on something, whether chemically, mentally, or emotionally, their existence is based on attaining the object of their addiction and nothing else. By recognizing an addiction is not reserved to traditional ideas of what a person can be addicted to it can be much easier to recognize and possibly help someone you care about.
An addiction doesn’t mean someone enjoys something a lot, an addiction can be anything a person has become dependent on to get through the day or it can even be a driving force for anything a person does.
If you suspect someone you care about is addicted to something be sure not to jump to conclusions if it is a more objective addiction, IE: non-drug and alcohol related issues. On the other hand, if someone you care about has any kind of addiction, it’s important not to look down on this person or be upset with them because of their problem. Those dealing with addiction may see it in an entirely different light so be sure not to verbally or emotionally assault someone you care about because it may push them closer to the problem and further from a resolution.


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